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Clay Aiken got beef on an airplane

 The 2003 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken was reportedly involved in an airplane spat with a woman.

Clay Aiken got beef on an airplane The former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken was apparently involved in an argument with a female passenger on a flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although a bout between the two passengers didn't take place, the FBI held Aiken and the unnamed female passenger for a brief interview, after the Tulsa Airport Authority alerted them about the "situation".

 The Feds declined to release the names of the passengers involved, but admitted that one of them was a former American Idol contestant. The argument involved seating arrangements on the plane, and no injuries were reported, nor chares filed.

 Ironically, Clay Aiken was fighting out of a concert, on-stage of which he made a joke about being beaten up by a girl. Careful what you wish for...

Published on 07/09/2007

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