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Home Run Derby: Alex Rios defeated by Vladimir Guerrero

 Vladimir Guerrero, Los Angeles Angels, is the new "Home Run Derby" champion, defeating Alex Rios.

Home Run Derby: Alex Rios defeated by Vladimir Guerrero The "Home Run Darby" champion is Vladimir Guerrero from the LA Angels. Guerrero hit 17 homers defeating Alex Rios of Toronto 3-2 in the final round of the All-Star competition. None of the eight sluggers managed a true "splash hit" over the right-field fence and into the waterfront park's iconic McCovey Cove.

 Guerrero, who managed just two homers in his only previous derby appearance back in 2000, also produced the contest's most fearsome shot: a 503-footer to left that fell just short of the oversized baseball mitt looming over the outfield bleachers - a target that still hasn't been hit during a game in the park's 8-year history.

 Guerrero might not have won the title if not for some assistance from a fellow AL All-Star. After missing on his first three attempts in the first round, Boston's David Ortiz stopped the festivities to present a new bat from a wooden case. His first attempt after that went for his fourth out, but he ended with five, including a first-round long 463-footer, to advance to the second round.

 Alex Rios, of the Blue Jays, hit a second-round high 12 homers after hitting five in the first round, but managed only two in the final round. He was shooting to become the first Toronto player to win the Home Run Derby.

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Published on 07/09/2007

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