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Cessna 310 linked to NASCAR crashes in Florida

 The Cessna 310 was registered to Competitor Liaison Bureau Inc. of Daytona Beach, a company of the former chairman of NASCAR William C. France "Little Bill".

Cessna 310 linked to NASCAR crashes in Florida A two-engine Cessna 310, owned by a company registered on the name of William C. France, the former NASCAR chairman, crashed near Orlando, Florida, today, killing two people and injuring three. The plane attempted an emergency landing, crashing onto two houses, setting them ablaze.

 According to reports, the Cessna was flying from Daytona Beach towards Lakeland, Fl, when the pilot called the ground about smoke in the cockpit and attempted an emergency landing at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, but the plane crashed about two miles before reaching the airport. Among the injured is a 10-year-old boy with over 80% burns.

 Officials from NASCAR said they are in a current process of information gathering and declined to comment on the incident.

 The identities of the victims have not been released.

 Competitor Liaison Bureau Inc. is listed as the owner of the Cessna 310, with base in Daytona Beach, Florida. The company itself is registered to William C. France, who was a chairman of the NASCAR. "Little Bill", as William France was nicknamed, passed away from lung cancer on June 4th 2007. James C. France is also listed as an officer of the company.

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Published on 07/10/2007

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