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Bling H2O water for the rich

 If you really want to "Bling", you can't drink tap water.

Bling H2O water for the rich The latest craze on the West Coast - a bottle of "Bling H2O" water. The new face of the age-old substance will run you about $50-$90 for a bottle, comes in a frosted bottle sparkling with Swarovski crystals, and most people can't taste the difference. "Bling H2O" is bottled in Tennessee and reportedly goes through 9 steps of purification, before it's poured into the fancy bottle.

 How rich do you have to be to pay $90 for water? Many celebrities are ordering the "bling", 750 ml. of which usually holds a price tag of an oil barrel. And Paris Hilton has been known to pour the water for her pooch. That's bling.

Published on 07/14/2007

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