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Henry T. Nicholas III: Secrets of sex and drugs below

 Henry T. Nicholas III had a layer underneath his house, where guests indulged in drugs and sex.

Henry T. Nicholas III: Secrets of sex and drugs below Broadcom founder and once one of the richest men in the world Henry T. Nicholas III spared nothing to entertain his guests and himself. According to reports, an underground layer was built under Nicolas house, where visitors and the host would entertain themselves with drugs and prostitutes. According to Orange County Superior Court documents, the underground layer even had a name - "Ponderosa".

 On the exterior, Henry T. Nicolas III was a businessman with all the perks of the billionaire - the mansion, trophy wife, the country clubs. But hidden from prying eyes, a construction of an underground level in his mansion took place, while Nicholas and his wife were away. Little did anyone know, he was creating a "secret and convenient lair" to be used for "Mr. Nicholas's manic obsession with prostitutes" and his "addiction to cocaine and Ecstasy", according to court papers reports the LA Times. He used his private jet to pick up prostitutes "and bring them back to the Pond for his rock star friends."

 The allegations were made by a construction company which says it was not paid. The claims have been denounced as falsehoods by Nicholas's lawyer but echo other claims made by Kenji Kato, Nicholas's former assistant. Kato says he is owed US$150,000 and alleges serial drug use and other debauchery at the mansion.

 Henry T. Nicholas III was the founder of the company Broadcom in 1991, making the innards of cable TV boxes at his Redondo Beach apartment. In January 2003, Nicholas quit Broadcom, saying he intended to spend more time with his children and tend to his marriage. Among the many legal troubles he now faces is a divorce battle with his wife Stacey, with whom he controls US$1.1 billion in Broadcom shares.

Published on 07/19/2007

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