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Kimberly Bell, Barry Bonds' former mistress in Playboy

 The former girlfriend of Barry Bonds, Kimberly Bell, will discuss their relationship in the November issue of Playboy.

Kimberly Bell, Barry Bonds' former mistress in Playboy Kimberly Bell, once a mistress of Barry Bonds, will be discussing the couple's relationship in the November issue of the Playboy magazine. As this will be a Playboy article, there will be nude pictures of Kimberly.

According to Kimberly Bell, the article will focus on her relation with Barry bond, and she will speak about details she gave the grand jury investigating the perjury allegations in 2005. According to Kimberly, she and Barry Bonds have been together from 1993 until 2003, and there will be plenty of interesting things to say about their life during those ten years.

Kimberly Bell was called to testify in front of a grand jury in 2005 during the Barry Bonds case. She also admitted that Barry Bonds gave her $80,000 in cash, proceeds from a memorabilia sale, which was never claimed on his tax returns.

Obviously the most important issue Kimberly Bell will discuss, is the steroid use of Barry Bonds. She has testified in court that Barry Bonds has been using steroids. According to Kimberly Bell, "He was very envious of Mark McGwire. He never said that was the reason, but I know it was."

To learn all about "Kimberly Bell - Barry Bonds" relationship, garb the Playboy issue which is coming out on October 1st.

Published on 07/24/2007

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