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San Francisco power outage: Craigslist, Netflix, Technorati down

 A wide-spread power outage in Sand Francisco caused major websites such as Technorati, Netflix, Typepad, LiveJournal,, and Craigslist to go offline.

San Francisco power outage: Craigslist, Netflix, Technorati down A power outage in San Francisco touched the lives of people all over the world. In U.S. Netflix was the first big name to be taken offline by the lack of power to the servers. A message "We're death" was displayed when people visited Netflix to order their movies on Tuesday. As no one new what was the reason, conspiracy issues were flaming, and Anti-virus programs punched in overtime today. The news website was also down, and so did Craigslist.

 Worldwide users of Technocrati initially got the version that a drunk man knocked over 40 server racks, but later it was confirmed that Technocrati was also down due to the power outage on the West Coast. Typepad and LiveJournal also went down. If you visit them they would just time out.

 About 51,000 homes and businesses lacked electricity at the height of the failure, which started at about 2 p.m., said Pacific Gas & Electric spokeswoman Darlene Chiu. The entire South of Market (SOMA) area of San Francisco was affected by the sporadic power failures. SOMA is considered the tech hub of San Francisco, thus the numerous high-traffic websites missing from the Internet.

Published on 07/24/2007

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