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Nicole Richie's baby with Joel Madden gets betting odds

Betting on celebrities has never been so popular, and now you can bet on Nicole Richie's baby.

Nicole Richie's baby with Joel Madden gets betting odds The celebrity betting props would not pass by Nicole Richie. After thousands have placed bets on Rosie O'Donnell, Paris Hilton and even Hillary Clinton, now it's time for Nicole Richie to offer some betting entertainment.

 After Richie went public with the news that she is four months pregnant and the baby daddy is Joel Madden, the online betting website Bodog Sports (new window) was first to publish a whole list of props on their baby, and on the couple, as well.

 The odds on a marriage between Nicole Richie and Joel Madden this year look grim - for yes the line is +300 and for No -500. This bet is no brainier, as we all know that Nicole Richie is far from being a wife. Will the baby be a girl or a boy? The odds on each are -120. So far nothing unusual, but here are some crazy odds:

What color will Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's baby's hair be at birth?

Blonde - 2/1

Brown - 1/2

Black - 4/1

Red - 11/2

Grey /White - 9/1 

What will Nicole Richie and Joel Madden name their first baby?

Nicole Jr. - 15/1

Joel Jr. - 14/1

Paris - 6/1

Skylar - 4/1

Calvin - 8/1

Nikki - 5/1

Britney - 11/1

Lionel - 10/1

Camille - 3/1

Reuben - 4/1

 You can also bet on which magazine will feature Nicole Richie's baby on the front cover first, or what his/her eye color would be. As it is a common knowledge that most babies are born with blue eyes, which later may change, you may want to consider taking this bet, as there are no disclaimers on this prop (yet), and it pays 3/1. Or you can bet on how much would Nicole Richie's baby weight at birth... Head on to Bodog Sports for more weird betting odds on Nicole Richie and other celebrities.

Published on 08/04/2007

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