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Hillary Nutcracker now for sale on the Web

 A clever Minnesota businessman is selling the "Hillary Nutcracker" - it's exactly that.

Hillary Nutcracker now for sale on the Web After the Michael Vick chew toy (see below), now Hillary Clinton humor merchandise is sweeping the nation. A clever Minnesota businessman has come up with the idea of the Hillary Nutcracker - a nutcracker with the face of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

 What is even more entertaining - you crack the nut between the thighs of the little device.

 The little handy kitchenware is selling for $19.95 at and according to the manager of the store: "It doesn't have any political mumbo-jumbo with it, it's just you look at it and you laugh. It took a lot of time to make sure that when she was cracking nuts and she was being used that the stainless steel didn't come apart, that the molding stayed together, so this went through a lot of testing before it was put to market."

 The intro song heard when visiting the website describes the Hillary Nutcracker also as a "Bush-wacker". The online store also sells "Hillary Nuts" - the official nuts to compliment your Hillary Nutcracker.

 Hillary Clinton is currently listed as the favorite to win the 2008 Elections at the online betting website Bodog with odds 2/1.

And yes, there is even a video now dedicated to the Hillary Nutcracker, you can watch it below:


Published on 08/07/2007

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