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Jennifer Kesse photo appears on dating websites

 The photo of the missing Florida woman has appeared on Internet dating websites.

Jennifer Kesse photo appears on dating websites A sick mind is the most likely explanation of the Jennifer Kesse's photo appearing on a few dating websites. 

Jennifer Kesse disappeared last year, after coming home from a Caribbean cruise with her boyfriend. She never showed up at work and her vehicle was found at the parking lot of her Florida apartment. Surveillance camera caught a glimpse of someone near the car, but although promising leads have been followed, there is no trace of Jennifer Kesse so far.

In an interview with Fox, the parents of Kesse admit they were aware of the pictures of their daughter being posted on adult dating sites on the Internet. They said that the photo has been cropped out of the website they have set-up to help the investigation. According to Jennifer Kesse's parents, the police is investigation the incident and are trying to locate the individual who posted the photo of the missing woman on those websites.

If you have any information, the website dedicated to Jennifer Kesse is

Published on 08/10/2007

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