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Foxy Brown arrested, attacks neighbor with cell phone

Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested on assault charges for hitting a neighbor with a cell phone.

Foxy Brown arrested, attacks neighbor with cell phone The female rapper Foxy Brown (real name Inga Marchand) has been charged with assault after allegedly hitting her neighbor with a Blackberry. Brown, 27, was arrested on Tuesday after she allegedly hit Arlene Raymond, who lives near the Foxy Brown residence in Brooklyn. The brawl was sparked after altercation between the two women, because the rapper was blasting her car stereo and disturbing the neighborhood. Raymond accuses Foxy Brown of throwing her Blackberry at her a few days later, cutting her lip and busting a tooth.

 A $50,000 bail was arranged and Foxy Brown was freed the same day.

 The rapper is already on probation after pleading guilty to assault in a 2004 dispute over $20 payment for a manicure at a nail salon. Back then she refused a misdemeanor plea. And earlier this year, Foxy Brown was accused of violating her probation after she threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee in Florida. A New York judge restored her probation for good standing, but following the latest incident, "We have filed a violation of probation with the court," said a spokesman for the city Department of Probation on Tuesday.

 In 2002, after she was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica for an altercation with a policewoman at the airport and missed her court date, Foxy Brown has also been warned by the police in Jamaica that she will be arrested if she ever enters the country.

Published on 08/16/2007

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