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Sopranos club "Bada Bing" selling off stripper poles and more

The club owned by the Sopranos family in the famous HBO mafia drama "Bada Bing" is cashing in on the furniture.

Sopranos club "Bada Bing" selling off stripper poles and more The contract the real-life "Bada Bing" club owners had with HBO during the filming of the famous original series "The Sopranos" prevented them from renovating the building, but once the show was over, the club made famous by Tony Soprano and the rest of the gang is cashing in on the furniture.

 And the stripper poles which could be seen "occupied" on almost every episode, will be the first to get auctioned off. The pool table, the purple men's room sign and even the bar, all of this is up for grabs. The owners of Bada Bing will even sell the bar stools on which Tony Soprano often sat with the rest of the crew to discuss dirty business and share gangster stories. The club will remain open during the renovation and if you want to catch a final glimpse of the mafia spot, it's on Route 17, next to 41 Robinson Road in Lodi, New Jersey.

 But this is not an isolated case. The owner of the building that fronted for Satriale's pork store in Kearny, favorite hangout spot for the Sopranos and his boys, plans to sell bricks from the facade as he demolishes it. The bricks would sell for around $100 apiece.

Published on 08/20/2007

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