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Britney Spears caught on film with no pants on

Another "great" story about Britney Spears, this time she is wearing no pants...again.

Britney Spears caught on film with no pants on While she is attempting to make a comeback to the music scene, Britney Spears was caught by paparazzi walking around with no pants on. All Britney had on was a pair of boots and a short skirt, leaving nothing to the imagination, as the pants were missing. You can clearly see what's going on from the picture, or better yet, what did not go on.

 Walking around town without any pants of decent length, while trying to make a music comeback is somewhat OK. Any publicity is good publicity, and after strip-dancing video, nervous breakdowns and lethargic new song, having no pants it doesn't seem such a big deal. Plus, we have seen much better picture shots of Britney Spears without pants and with a short dress.

 But going out without pants would hardly win her the custody battle with ex K-Fed, especially when she is also being investigated for alleged child abuse and neglect. If Britney Spears doesn't clean up her act, taking primary custody of their kids would be the easiest thing for K-Fed.

Published on 08/30/2007

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