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Buffalo Bills Kevin Everett injury life-threatening

The Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett's injury potentially fatal, prognosis remain bleak.

Buffalo Bills Kevin Everett injury life-threatening Kevin Everett, tight end for the Buffalo Bills, is facing the possibility of immobility for the rest of his life. According to Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, the orthopedic surgeon who operated the Buffalo Bills football player for four hours, A best-case scenario is full recovery, but not likely. I believe there will be some permanent neurological paralysis. A full neurological recovery was bleak, dismal."

 The doctor confirmed that Kevin Everett did have touch sensation throughout his body and also showed signs of movement. At the same time, Dr. Cappuccino warns that Everett's condition remains life-threatening as the injury could result in respiratory failure, blood clotting and infection could occur at any time. “He is not out of that danger now. He is less in that danger," Cappuccino described Kevin Everett awful situation.

 Kevin Everett's surgery repaired a break between the third and fourth vertebrae and also alleviated the pressure on the spinal cord, which was not snapped. In reconstructing his spine, doctors made a bone graft and inserted a plate, held in by four screws, and also inserted two small rods, held in place by another four screws. Everett is in the intensive care unit of Buffalo's Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital, under sedation and breathing through a respirator, as doctors wait for the swelling to lessen.

 Kevin Everett's injury came after a routine tackle of the Broncos’ Domenik Hixon during the Bills vs. Broncos game on Sunday. After striking Hixon's shoulder pad with his helmet, Everett instantly fell to the ground and remained there motionless for 15 minutes, while the medical personnel was trying to tend to the injured football player. At the end, Kevin was carried out of the field and loaded into an ambulance to be diagnosed with spinal cord injury. 

Published on 09/10/2007

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