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Golden Casino maintains online casino popularity lead

Golden Casino maintains online casino popularity lead Despite the heavy competition not only from the rest of the online gambling companies but by its own sister properties, the Golden Casino is still maintaining the lead in online casino popularity on the Internet today. Established a few years ago from by one of the most reputable online gambling management teams, Golden Casino we quick to gain the popularity the online casino enjoys to this day. And unlike other online casinos, the Golden Casino is not focusing on the bonus offer as the only way to attract new customers, although at $555 free money for new players, the bonus is nothing to shrug at.

 The true power and the reason why this online casino is still one of the leaders in the online gambling market lays in the basic business motto - take care of the customer first and the profit will follow. The Golden Casino is one of the few online casinos on the Internet today that constantly search for way to improve the experience of the player, rather than rest on old victories. The online casino is offering one of the best bonuses, but the unique software and the introduction of the slots tournaments helped this online casino gain popularity almost instantly. And even though the online casino is facing plenty of pressure from the competition (GoCasino, Vegas Casino Online, Bodog Casino), it still maintains the lead when it comes to player attraction and retention. With over 100 casino games, plenty of depositing options and always looking for new ways to entertain the players, the online casino will be tough to de-crown.

 Golden Casino is welcoming U.S. players, which is likely one of the reasons its quite popular today - not many online casinos are left servicing the USA online gambling market and many of those who still do welcome American gamblers are subpar to say the least. Unlike Vegas Casino Online, however, Golden Casino does not allow Canadian players to join the gambling website, which is seen by many as the one drawback and as something that could give the rest of the competition a hand in the battle for online casino popularity. Even though the Canadian online casino market is not nearly as large as the U.S., not many online casinos accept players from both countries. But even in the face of the improving competition, the Golden Casino is still the leader when it comes to online casino popularity in North America. And knowing the record of the online casino - it will be hard to move it down the list.

 Published on 08/26/2009

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