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Online casino cheating: Do online casinos cheat?

 It's hardly a surprise that so many people as the question whether online casinos cheat or if the online casino they are patronizing is cheating. This is a legitimate question as the answer could very well be "yes", but keep on reading as it's not that simple. Do online casinos cheat in general - no, they don't, but there is a good chance that the online casino you have chosen to play at is cheating you.

 There is nothing to prevent a bunch of crooks from creating a fake online casino to steal your identity, credit card information or to simply create an online casino where players always loose. At the same time there are many online casinos which are legitimate businesses and will never employ any cheating tactics to steal your money or sensitive information. Everyone knows that the casino business and even gambling in general is a bullet-proof system, i.e. the house always wins in the long run. The honest online casino companies know that and they act just like a land-based casino would - some players will win but the odds are always stacked against the player and it comes down to pure luck when a player wins big; but in the long run the majority of the gamblers will lose more than they would win. Therefore those honest online casino establishments work very hard to build up a good reputation among the players and watchdogs - the more players gamble at the online casino, the more people will lose and more profitable the casino will be.

 You can find a great list of online casinos by clicking on the link - it's our selection of the best honest online casinos. Playing at those will take all down to whether you are lucky or have a good winning game strategy. Those are honest online casino which will not use sleazy methods to cheat you. If you are lucky enough to hit one of the big jackpots at those casinos, you will get paid, period, so you can gamble there with confidence.

 On the other side, there are quite a few online casino cheating instances and plenty of online casinos cheating the players. You would not believe how many email we have received from people who complain about a casino simply disappearing from the face of the Internet - when we visit those casinos, we usually find a blank webpage. There are criminal organizations which pay a few developers to create an online casino which is designed in a way to cheat players by never allowing them to win anything or simply don't pay people when they win at the casino. These types of online casino cheating are unfortunately quite common, especially among people new to online gambling. Those folks simply do a search on the internet for online casino and click and sign up with the first website they see. A big mistake. That's why a list of honest online casinos like ours are very important - we don't simply weed out the cheating online casinos, we only list online casinos that have proven over the years that they are honest and pay the winning customers their due money. So if you are looking for an online casino that will not cheat you - check out our best online casinos list.

 Published on 05/25/2009

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