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Mac online casino: Still no online casinos for Mac users

 If you live in the United States you have probably witnessed the pissing match between Windows and Mac or should we say Microsoft and Apple. The rumpus between the two companies got me thinking - do Mac users miss on the online casinos as a form of entertainment? A few years back there were no online casinos for Mac users, but truth be told, we have not examined the online gambling world for Mac compatibility in a long time. Needless to say - at our office Windows is the king, for many reasons which we will not touch upon to avoid flood of hate mail from angry Apple fans and derail the purpose of this article. It's also true that we have not received any emails in a long time asking if there are online casinos which work with the Mac operating system and its versions.

 So, Microsoft Bluetooth mouse in hand we set out to see which online casino from our recommended list of the best online casinos works with the Mac OS. Unfortunately, what we found was far from encouraging. Most of the online casinos don't even try to list the operating system(s) required to download, install and play the casino software, but after a quick chat with the customer service the picture was clear - there is not a single online casino on our list that works with the Mac operating system. Slotocash was the only online casino which promises on its website to deliver a Mac-compatible gambling software "in the future", but we highly doubt it it will be anytime soon. The Golden Casino website states outright that their online casino works with Windows operating systems only. We have to give it up to Golden Casino - it says it works with Windows 95, although we have no way of confirming this, not that anyone cares. The Mainstreet group online casinos, such as Vegas Casino Online mention nothing about operating system requirements to run the online casino and after we contacted the customer service, we were told that in order to play the online casino with a Mac computer you will have to opt in for the Flash-only version, i.e. browser-based casino software extremely limited in both games and fun factor.

 These online casinos are all using the current three big internet gambling software developers for US players - RTG, RIVAL and Vegas Tech - and considering that Mac holds a share of the non-USA market somewhere between 3% and 5%, it's unlikely to see a Mac online casino abroad before we see one from the online casinos catering to the US players, where some put the Apple's personal computing market share at as high as 15%. And from our short adventure one thing is certain - there are no online casinos for Mac users and it will be a long time before there are Mac online casinos available. Until then, you may want to consider running a Windows, as well, on your Apple laptop.

 Published on 04/11/2009

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