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Online Casinos: The Advantages of Claiming a Free Casino Bonus

Online Casinos: The Advantages of Claiming a Free Casino Bonus Ninety Nine percent of all online casinos offer new players a “free chip” to entice them to register an account in hopes that once they have experienced their games the player will most likely come back and make their first deposit. So it’s usually a win-win situation for the online casino, but what about the online gambler? What are the advantages to taking an online casinos free cash when you know the only real reason they are giving it away is to get you to become a returning visitor and spending your won cash. Well, there are plenty of advantages to taking a casinos free cash, one major reason I have found over the years is that this is the perfect way to find out if you even like the casino and its games without spending your won money! The worst thing for an online gambler is to deposit what free spending money you have on some fun gambling entertainment just to be disappointed in the casino and its games. But a smart online gambler will take that free new player chip to use as a tool to experience the games, how they play, are they fun, what are the payouts for the winning combinations, etc. This is a tool you will never find available to you as a land based casino player, I don’t know of any land based casino that says “here is some cash on the house, go play our games to see if you like them before spending your money”!

Some gamblers who play at online casinos take these free cash bonuses without even thinking of winning any money off them, [which you can actually as long as you meet their wager requirements] they only claim these bonuses as a way to investigate the casino and its casino games, making sure they are fair, easy to understand and enjoyable. That is the most important part of gambling, enjoying yourself. Gambling would not be fun or as popular as it is if it wasn’t enjoyable to the player.

Each online casino that offers their new players free chips has different terms and conditions that need to be met before being able to cash out on your winnings off of any bonus, so make sure you become acquainted with their terms so you don’t lose out. One way of missing any winnings is if you play the wrong games with the free cash. Many online casinos don’t allow free cash to be wagered on most table games, usually slots or video poker are the allowed games but even just playing these casino games can give you a feel for the casino and whether or not you feel like depositing any of your cash at their establishment. So always, remember free cash, is free cash no matter which way you look at it, use it to your benefit and try out a casinos slots or video poker selection to determine if that casino is for you or not, this is a big advantage in finding the most enjoyable online casino for you.

 Published on 09/07/2011

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