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Casino Online: Jackpots at online casinos swell up

Casino Online: Jackpots at online casinos swell up The progressive jackpots offered by the online casinos are the best way for the players to go from rags to riches in a matter of seconds when playing at their favorite online casino. And with the recent increase in the jackpot amounts available which you can see below, no better time to join one of the great online casinos and give the big jackpots a shot. Before we get to the details of the progressives available at the few of the top online casinos, let's quickly look at what the progressive jackpot is and how it works.

 The progressive jackpot is a form of casino jackpot which increases by a certain amount within a given time. Unlike the jackpot available at almost all slot machines, for example, where you win, let's say $10,000 as a top prize, the only thing set about the progressive jackpot is the amount at which it starts. Many progressive slot machines at the online casinos ad about a cent to the jackpot every second and this process goes on until the jackpot is hit by a player. The longer the jackpot remains on the board, the higher it gets, but at the same time the chances to be won increases. The way the progressive jackpot at the online casinos work is by connecting certain slot machines (or other casino games offering progressive prizes) within the software platform. For example, at the RTG-based online casinos, every online casino licensed by the software developer participates in the pool for the progressive jackpots, which also means that a player can win an RTG progressive jackpot at any of the online casinos using that software. The winner will also be paid (indirectly) by RealTime Gaming, rather than the casino itself, ensuring big time winners will be paid the full amount of their progressive win at any online casino on the network.

 Speaking of RTG online casinos, the progressive jackpots at the Bodog Casino are currently well over a million dollars. At the time of writing, the total progressive jackpots available at this online casino were at $1,190,000, all up for grabs for players in the United States and abroad (except Canada). The online casino is offering a 10% bonus on every deposit you make and considering that those jackpots are often won right before reaching the million dollar mark, they are ripe for picking. If you are aiming at a single big progressive jackpot, the Las Vegas USA online casino has got you covered. The jackpot at the popular slot machine "Shopping Spree" has swollen to $970,000 and rising. This number will continue to go up until a player wins at the online casino, but again, those jackpots usually cave in before reaching the million dollar mark.

 And if you want to go with a Vegas Tech based online casino and take advantage of the $555 free you'd get with the top-ranked Online Vegas casino, you won't be wrong. The top progressive jackpot at the online casino is at the "Red, White and Win" slot machine, currently at a little over $961,000. "Pay Dirt" has jackpot swollen up to over $400K, which is the best bet for the online casino, since often this jackpot has been won well before the 400,000 mark. But no matter which of those online casinos you will choose to play the jackpot games, one thing is for sure. At the online casinos the best way to win really big with a very small bet remains the progressive jackpot.

 Published on 07/26/2009

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