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Sunday online casino offers and top casinos to play

Sunday online casino offers and top casinos to play For the players at the online casinos one little secret has long been revealed - Sunday is the best day of the week to play at the online casino. There are many reasons for the fact that Sunday is the most attractive day at the online casinos and today we will touch upon a few of them. First off we must mention that gambling at the online casino is no different than playing at the land based casinos and gambling halls - all games have odds of winning which are specific to the game you'd play and the more people play the same game with you - the better the individual odds of winning become.

 Same applies to the internet casinos - the more people play at the casino the more your chances of winning grow. Now that you know this, there is hardly a surprise that almost all of the big winners at the internet casinos strike it big during the last day of the week. Monday is naturally the second highest winner day, since we have to take into account the time zones and that the majority of the online gambling websites do business all over the world.

 But the favorable odds from so many people gambling online at the same time at the same online casino is not the only reason Sunday is great for the players. The casinos realize that Sunday is the busiest day and pull out the top promotions for the players to end the week just right. For example, one of the top online casinos in the world, Golden Casino (official website), is running their biggest slots tournaments on Sunday. A lot of $50K and $100K prize tournaments at this casino end on Sunday, when a few lucky winners may not even show up to work the next day. This online casino is also offering a $555 free for the first-time customers, another great reason to join this top online casino on Sunday. Another great online casino to join today would be the Bodog Casino (official site), where players will be able to enjoy 10% on every deposit they make to fund their account, not just the first one. Bodog, which recently celebrated its 15th birthday in the online gambling industry, is definitely boosting the offers today and the jackpots at the online casino have swollen all the way up to $880,000, up for grabs today.

 Of course, these two top online casinos are not the only ones offering great chances to win this Sunday. The Vegas Casino Online is running their $500 free (or 125% on your first deposit) offer and the progressive jackpots at this casino are just a few thousand short of the million. The online casino is using the RTG gambling software, giving its customers access to over 90 different casino games, slots, blackjack and all the casino games you are familiar with and would find at the land-based casinos. Another top online casino to play with similar big percentage offer today is the Slots Plus online casino, which, as the name suggests, is all about playing the video slots with your free money you've gotten through the Sunday specials for new players. But no matter which of the top casinos you choose to visit today, the odds and stats don't lie - there will be a few big winners this Sunday at those online casinos.

 Published on 09/20/2009

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