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Online casinos increase bonuses and promotions

 March is upon us and one thing is clear - the economic downturn is far from over and the slowdown is spilling over to online gambling and mainly the online casinos, who are now looking for more ways to attract new customers, as well as to retain existing ones. A slowdown of revenues at the online sportsbooks is usually expected at this time of the year with only the NBA games offering boost to those online gambling websites between the Super Bowl and the March Madness, but this time of the year is usually a good time for the online casinos. Unfortunately for those businesses, as well as people world wide, the national economies are slow to turn around to growth and the online casinos are feeling the pinch, too.

 Strikes and budget issues all over Europe along with massive job losses in the United States have forced the online casinos to look into the bonus offers and promotions as a major tool of attracting new gamblers. The bigger the bonus the longer people's money will go at the online casino and the gambling companies are quick to recognize this powerful tool in their arsenal and use it, too. For example, new customers at the popular online casino GoCasino can double their money up to $20K or their currency equivalent. Obviously this is one of the biggest online casino bonuses in existence and not many can refuse such a great deal from this reputable internet casino. In addition to the bonus, the GoCasino is also boosting its monthly promotions to almost half a million, up for grabs through the entire month of March. And the deals at the online casinos are only getting sweeter. At Bodog Casino, for example, the total of the jackpots waiting to be won have already climbed to well over a million dollars and the online casino is continuing its popular 10% unlimited bonus on every single deposit players make at the casino.

 Clearly times are though for everyone and the online casinos, which are the showcase of internet entertainment, are one of the businesses that will suffer along with it customers. But the resilience of the online gambling industry has been shown over and over again in the past years and we are confident that once again the online casinos will survive the bad economy, helped in part by the customer-first motto. Visit any of the online casinos above to take advantage of these enormous bonus and promotional offers today.

 Published on 03/02/2010

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