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Online casinos to participate in holiday promotions

Online casinos to participate in holiday promotions With Thanksgiving near and Christmas a month away, people are already looking ahead of the deals many retailers are about to offer come Black Friday and the shopping frenzy surrounding Christmas, the online casinos this time around do also plan on participating heavily in this All-American tradition. The economy may be getting better if you ask the Wall Street guys but it will be years until Mainstreet gets back to prosperity and people are looking for the deals this year more than ever before. Bottom line - expect long lines in front of the major retailers this Friday and maybe even a few server crashes online come next Monday.

 And reflecting the though times, the online casinos are also planning on boosting their bonus offers and free money bonuses this year. Gambling, often regarded as a recession-proof business, is also hurting from the poor state of the economies world-wide, perfectly illustrated by the many casino bankruptcies we have witnessed over the past couple of years. And while the most popular online casinos show no signs of deteriorations, the smaller outfits are clearly seeing decreasing profit margins, compared to the bounty a few years back. And small bonuses around Thanksgiving and Christmas was a given with the online casinos, but this year quite a few of them are planning on introducing some really big offerings, especially when they have to compete with the holiday sales and dwindling entertainment budgets across the board.

 Online casinos, such as the popular new outfit Go Casino, which already offers a string of bonuses adding up to $12,500 for new customers, and the famous Bodog Casino, which has always offered a 10% on every deposit their customers make, are expected to come with big promotions for the holidays this year. Details at this point remain to be decided, but we expect a lot of free money for existing customers of the online casinos, as well as sweet deals for the first-time players at the casino. As usual the customer is the one to benefit from the deals that will be offered at the online casinos this year turning a small entertainment budget into days of good time. And with the progressive jackpots at those online casinos still growing by the minute, someone may have a really happy New Year.

 Published on 11/22/2009

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