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Depositing cash for your online poker game

Depositing cash for your online poker game A few nights ago, on a Friday, I was playing our weekly Texas Holdem poker game and had on a t-shirt with a logo of an online casino I regularly play in. One of the newbies on the table began to inquire about online poker and how the deposits were made. One of them commented that credit cards were not an accepted method of payment by a few of the casinos. So I enlightened them about some of the current paying methods, which include:
• IGM,
• Firepay and,
• Neteller. Being my special favorite.

 Many players get frustrated due to their inability to buy in their online poker game via PayPal or credit cards, and hesitate to use their bank account information in fear of online fraud. I was introduced to Neteller by a friend in 1999 and have been using their services since. I’ll tell you how to go about making an account with Neteller, which will enable you to play at the best poker websites. Steps:

 Open a New checking account at your bank - Deposit the amount you’re going to use for online gambling, but make sure you do not put overdraft protection on your account. This method will provide you full protection and nobody will be able to access your funds. From the bank account, simply transfer the amount to Neteller and leave a 0 balance remaining in the bank account. With the 0 balance and no overdraft protection, you will not be exposed to unwarranted fraud.

 Open an Account with Neteller - Open a new user account with and link the earlier made bank checking account with this one. To verify your account, neteller will make two minimal cash deposits to the account, which typically takes around 2 days to be uploaded to your account. Once you verify the deposits, your Neteller account is geared to receive funds.

 Deposits - In the Neteller account, there will be a Deposit button which you’ll have to click. Then, select the EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer button. After that, you can feed your Neteller account with your bank account funds. This takes anywhere from 2 to 3 days before your bank sends money to the Neteller account. When the funds are received, you’ll be alerted by Neteller regarding the funds being available and your Neteller account is good to go!

 Play! Choose a poker game, have a good time, win some free chips and some real cash.

 Another Way to Fund Neteller Account - The funding method above takes some time to get up and running. Most players are impatient and cannot bear the wait. They want to get right in the game. There is another way to get the funds transferred to your account, which calls for an inclusion of a Bank of America in your vicinity. With a BOA account, funds can be directly transferred to Neteller. Call Neteller at (888) 258-5859 if there exists a BOA branch nearby and inquire about the account number. Then proceed to the branch, fill out the information for Neteller's account on a ‘California Deposit Slip’ and ask the teller to deposit the amount. That slip should not be lost, since it is the only proof you have about the deposit made. This piece of paper then has to be faxed to Neteller with your name and Neteller account number at (888) 678-2128. After this, your Neteller account will get the funds normally within 1 – 2 (business) hours.

 This method is deemed unsafe by many, who hesitate to deposit cash this way. I too was anxious the first time I deposited money like this. But not to worry, as long as you keep the deposit slip on hand, nothing will go wrong. I prefer the EFT transfer method, but there have been occasions when I had to rely on the BOA deposit method and it was pain-free. See you at the games!

 Published on 11/27/2009

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