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Online Slots vs. Land Casino Slots

Online Slots vs. Land Casino Slots If you love slot machines and have tried a few online casino slot machines you can probably think of numerous reasons why online slots are better than their rival land based slots. But for those of you who have never ventured into virtual gambling for one reason or another let us give you some of the basic reasons why millions of gamblers have chosen online casino slots versus land based casino slots.

 Every Slot Machine is available - No waiting for someone to leave one of your favorite slots so you can play. At an online casino every slot machine is available to you and only you! Have you ever been to a land based casino that is so busy you can’t find an open slot machine that you want so you have to settle for a game you don’t enjoy, or decide to just sit around and wait and wait and wait for an opening on your slots? Well that’s not a problem when you’re at home, sitting in a comfy chair sipping on your cocktail and playing which ever slot machine you wish, it’s priceless.

 Coin Size/wager - If you’re gambling at your local casino you need to find a slot machine that suits your budget. If you want to play penny or nickel machines you have to find some available, and in most casinos they are hard to come by and the ones you find are already being played. At an online casino you can play any slot machine for any coin size! Whether you want penny or $10 slots you can play the same slot machine and just up the ante whenever you are feeling lucky, or visa versa. Also when playing at a land based casino if you like the penny machine your on but would like to play for a quarter instead you would have to physically get up, search the casino floor for the same game in a higher coin denomination and hope that one is available to play.

 Bonuses! - Land based casinos do not offer bonuses or free cash to go along with your own money to enjoy on their slot machines, but online casinos do! Enough said.

 Personalized Slot Play - When you gamble at your local casino you have many different things to consider, like do you want to be around smokers, drinkers, loud people, crowds, etc. But at home on your pc playing online slots you can make your gambling entertainment as enjoyable as you wish. If you don’t smoke you don’t have to breathe someone else’s second hand smoke, if you don’t drink you don’t have to be around others that do, if you like to listen to music, or TV or just like piece and quit you can personalize your gambling time any way you choose without dealing with unwanted activities. Plus with the price of gasoline these days, saving all that cash which would have ended up in your gas tank is a major plus!

 Now that you have read some of the major advantages of gambling at online slots check out some of our recommended casinos and give their innovative slot machines a try! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!

 Published on 10/12/2011

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