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Online sportsbooks gearing for the Super Bowl bets

Online sportsbooks gearing for the Super Bowl bets A week from today the online sportsbooks will be flooded with bets on the 2012 Super Bowl and the majority of them are already gearing up for the biggest sports betting event in the USA. No doubt the Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event for the online sportsbooks and in the past the smaller outfits have even been known to crash under the enormous traffic coming their way. And many of them have no prepared for the large traffic coming their way all week long with extra bandwidth and storage space to handle the pressure of Super Bowl betting.

 But the online sportsbooks are not only preparing on the technical side. A fierce competition for the Super Bowl betting dollar is in the works and the rivalry amongst the internet bookmakers is only benefiting the customer. The popular online sportsbooks Bovada (formerly Bodog Sports) has taken the battle on two fronts - now offering a $100 free bet on the Super Bowl for new customers and a $46 free chips match at the casino, as well. Anyone who enters code "SUPER46" will be entitled to this Super Bowl bonus at the Bovada casino.

 Meanwhile another highly regarded sportsbook, 5 Dimes, has boosted its bonus to the whopping $520 free in anticipation for the Super Bowl bettors. The sportsbook has also reduced their Super Bowl juice for the experienced bettors to take advantage of it and is now offering live in-play Super Bowl betting, during the commercial break. Not to be outdone this Super Bowl game, Intertops is offering 20% bonus for existing customers who deposit before kick-off time.

 As you can see, the online sportsbooks are indeed gearing up for the 2012 Super Bowl. Great odds and point spread numbers, large bonuses and hard work to ensure that there would be no interruptions in access are the keywords of this year's betting industry focus. Odds are moving a bit, which shows that Super Bowl betting is underway and those who believe the numbers are great where they are now, should definitely tale advantage before the lines move closer and closer together.

 Published on 01/29/2012

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