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Poker bankroll management

 Bankroll management is the most important matter that associated with a real good poker player. This is like a life of a poker player. Without this, you can not play. Without this you may lose all the money you win. For a professional player it is obvious.

 First of all you have to make a definition about your bankroll. It refers to the money that you can lose while playing. Never put any money to your bankroll that you can not comfortably sustain. That means you have to put the affordable money that you can lose in your bankroll. Expenses related with your life always come before poker. In order to play poker regularly, you have to live a regular life. Paying house rent, cost for the daily foods, cost for your entertainments, taking care of your health always come before poker. Place these cost aside from poker. If you do not do this, it is sure that you would not able to play poker for a long time. When your bankroll gets its limit do not continue the playing just for the pride. This will give you nothing but distress. Have a clear concept about you bankroll. There is a basic difference between poker and other gambling game. That is, you can minimize your amount of lose by only your skill. So, never hesitate to do this. So, try to make up your lose and rebuild your bankroll in order to stay in poker table.

 Do not use your bankroll except poker. It is a key sentence for the professional poker player. If you have a clear intention of playing poker for long time and take this as your profession, you have to keep a rich bankroll. It is true that taking money from bankroll as a reward helps you a lot to motivate your self. But do not make it a rule for as usual reason. You have to place the limit of lose according to your bankroll. You have to calculate the amount of everyday playing according to your stock money. You can lose for a long time. But if you play with your limit, you can play your regular game. It is true that professional players need a huge amount of bankroll to keep participating in their regular poker table. You have to have the ability to meet the taste of lose when bad times come. You have to walk away in that time and take a break. If you play according to your bankroll, it will help a lot to withstand this incident.

 Really, the bankroll management makes you play poker in a disciplined way. This also allows you to play confidently while other may lose their temper. It is like insurance to the professional poker player.

 Published on 12/31/2009

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