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Target on my back in every poker game

 Have you ever played Royal Vegas Poker? They conduct a tournament every week “Play the Experts” and I play it every week. I have a $50 reward on my head, and also on the other Royal Vegas Poker stable of experts. They shoot at each other, and you have to kill others before you kill them and you win. The price of the game is only $20 and you can have unlimited rebuys of $10 each. The game is held every week at 8PM EST and all you need to do to win a bounty is ‘kill and expert!

 Just like the other players, even experts can rebuy if they are knocked out. But if they are broke and decided to take a rebuy then they would not have a chance to win the bounty. However, the real chase begins only when the period ends. The targets on the back gets illuminated and anyone who knocks out an expert will get $50 directly credited into their account and also wins a T-shirt that has “I knocked an expert” writing on it. They can also win books, books that are written by me and also by some other authors. Playing with a bounty on your head is a very different experience. Many people like to take the $50, T-shirt and a book with them and will be very satisfied than winning a high placing in the event. The difference is your opponent player will play a very different game when there is a bounty on your head. When the period ends, I can count that I will be called every time I go in. This will make the opponent think and will make him to throw his marginal hand away. Someone will probably call regardless of which hand I go with or even if go all in with the best of them. When this happens the opponent player will think that it is the worst for him, but it really is not the worst. If you try to figure out the chances of him winning the $50 bounty in addition to winning the pot, it might not work out and tip the scales and he would turn out with a negative approach. Read more about the best poker website on this section of our portal.

 If I calculate the chances of winning, with 70% winning hand, and if I were to play with three hands, and each with 70% winning chance, then by calculating with a simple arithmetic will tell me that I have got a chance which is slightly better than one-third of surviving them. When I was playing in the past few weeks I had been knocked out with K-K three times, pair of queens once, and A-A once. I had best hand before the flop and my opponent also have realized the situation. However, I could not do anything as there are back of the bounty.

 Two weeks ago, I finally could manage to finish in the top ten and I could not even remember which hand did it for me. However, it was not important but the important part was when I was in penultimate hand my pocket pair of aces was destroyed in front of my eyes. The ultimate confrontation was that the guy was able to knockout without even putting too many of his chips at risk. The good thing about bounty is that if you can have a chance to accumulate some chips and if you bet you will be called and sometimes by many opponents. If you are lucky you can be the lead and take all chips. But sometimes, your opponents will take away all your chips and you become a more appealing target.

 The only way to survive or keep yourself safe when you have a target on the back is to build up huge number of chips at the early stages as soon as possible so that you can face the situations at the later stage. When you wear a target on your back and if you are attempting to steal some blind, there is a huge chance that you can get called by someone. Even if you are big favorite of these confrontations and when you engage multiple players and there are chances that someone will get lucky and beat you. Playing as a marked man is completely different from playing as an anonymous player. You will get recognized and will always play a different game and you bet it will be different every week. If you are geared up to play this exciting game every week just go to Royal Vegas Poker website, download the software and get ready to be called by someone.

 Published on 12/31/2009

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