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Common poker winning hands

 Poker is a game based on the cards. It is a kind of gambling but clearly has some unique characteristics. First of all it has some rules and regulations for playing poker. Players have their cards first and the game starts. Finally one player wins the game that has the top ranking of cards. This ranking is predefined and mostly same for the all types of poker game. Before we start to talk about winning hands, we have to know about the order of poker hands. After you clearly know about the order of the poker hands, you have mostly known about the total game.

 It is easy to choose a winner by determining the order of the cards. If a player obtain a four of a kind and no other player has same or better, it does not make any trouble to figure out the winner. You must use your five cards to make your hand. All five cards used to make the possible best hand. No other cards from outside can be used to make the hand. These are the basic rule of generating hands for playing.

 The most important thing is to know about the order of the hands. The order of the hands is same for all kinds of poker game. These are briefly described here. The most powerful hand is Royal Flash. It happens when five card sequence from ten to the ace in the same suit. Such as ten, jack, queen, king and ace of diamond made a hand. After that the second powerful card set is Straight Flash. It happens when five card sequence in the same suit. Ranking between straight determines by the value of the high end of the hand. Third place is for Four of a Kind. That means all four cards of the same index, such as four aces or four twos. Next hand is Full House. It consists of three of a kind and a pair, such as three queens and two fives. Next position is for Flash. It happens when all the five cards come from same suit but did not have the sequence. If two or more player has a flash then the high card determines the winner.

 After that there stand Straight. It happens when the five cards placed in sequence but not from same suit. Higher straight wins if more than one people have straight. Next position is for three of a kind. It happens when three cards from the same index placed together. The highest set of three cards wins. Next is Two Pair. The highest pair wins if more than one player has two pair. Next set is Pair. It means two cards with same value. Highest value wins the game. The last hand is High Card. If no one has any of the above winning hands, the result is determined by the highest card in the hand. If the highest card is equal, then the second highest card determines the winner and so on. These are all the winning hands associated with poker. Any one can determine the winner by following this sequence.

 Published on 12/28/2009

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