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Popular Online Casinos: Find the world's most popular online casino

 We at the Online Gambling Paper have long ranked the best online casinos, but as with many things in life, the best is not always the most popular and vice versa. A lot of people today as which are the most popular online casinos, assuming that this will also give them a list of the most safe, secure and fun to gamble places on the internet. And they could be right, but there are particulars that can really distort this assumption.

 Let's start by examining what "popular online casino" means. The answer that instantly comes to mind is an online casino with a large number of customers. But the more important question to ask is what makes an online casino popular in the first place. For an long-established casino the popularity could be gained by providing an exceptional gambling product, staying true to its principles and treating its customers the right way. But for an online casino which has just opened its virtual doors, popularity could be the result of something as simple and unimportant as marketing efforts.

 Many people don't realize that a lot of website owners today are paid to list a certain online casino atop the rest, when they rank the gambling companies. Of course, no one will tell you they got paid to recommend you a certain "popular online casino", thus if the company spends enough money to market their product - the casino will become an instant hit and it would not be a surprise that people begin to perceive it as a popular online casino. Of course, this doesn't automatically mean that the casino is bad, but its popularity is clearly not an indication of its quality. This is one of the reasons we underline on our best online casinos list the fact that we have not been paid to list those online casinos.

 So now we will list here two popular online casinos which gained their fame not based on the marketing efforts of their managers, but through a long track of providing the best internet gambling has to offer. It's hardly a surprise that those casinos has been listed on our ranking chart as being some of the best internet casinos in the world. Here are the most popular online casinos in the world:

 Sun Palace Online Casino: What's in it for you - 125% bonus right away on your first deposit, over 90 different games (RTG software), excellent customer service, US players welcomed.
 Established way back in 1999, this online casino really picked up in popularity in the early 2000, when the casino was purchased by the Mainstreet gambling management group. In all honesty, the beginning of this online casino was market by absolutely nothing - it was just another online casino, one of the first few to capitalize on this huge market, but the inexperienced management quickly let the casino to an abysmal existence. But this is one of those stories where "under new management" really means something and ended up benefiting the customers. The new but experienced management quickly changed the strategy to focus on the customer, rather than the volume and in a few short years the strategy paid off and they are now reaping the benefits by running on of the world's most popular online casinos.

 Bodog Online Casino: What's in it for you - 10% bonus on every deposit with no limit, over 100 casino games (proprietary software based on the RTG), the leading customer service in the industry, players from USA welcomed.
 We present you with not only a very popular online casino, but the longest operating online gambling establishment. The Bodog online casino celebrated this year its 15th anniversary in the internet gambling business, a feat no one else can write on their About Us page. The internet gambling website initially opened doors as primarily a sports betting company, but realizing the potential of casino gambling quickly found a way to bring something unique to the table - the Bodog online casino. Focusing exclusively on the point of making it easier for the customer to play at the casino, to this day Bodog remains the most popular online casino in the world, offering the best and easiest depositing methods, especially to U.S. customers, fast withdrawals and a customer service second to none. The popularity of this online casino is truly deserved.

 So here you have it - the most popular online casinos in the world. Naturally, one doesn't have to play at the most popular online casino in order to have fun and win some money, but make sure you pick the right casino. Always consult with our industry-recognized list of the best online casinos in order to avoid future problems.

 Published on 11/03/2010

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