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Real Time Gaming (RTG) Online Casinos, Then and Now

Real Time Gaming (RTG) Online Casinos, Then and Now If you’re a seasoned online gambler you probably remember when Real Time Gaming Casinos first entered the online gambling industry. Small in size compared to the older more well known online casino software companies like Microgaming and Playtech, there didn’t seem to be much of a chance for this newer brand of online casino games to make it in this very competitive online gaming industry. Their games were strange, and the graphics were cartoon like with no realistic features, and the selection of casino style games were minimal to say the least, with only about 60 total games including slots, table games and few video poker games, this new company called Real Time Gaming was thought to be just another new brand of casino software that would come and go in the middle of the night.

 However, here we are a good eight or so years later and that small group of online casinos promoting the RTG brand of casino games has done more than just lasted through the night, they have almost taken over the night! RTG casinos have grown immensely since those first few months when they had nothing of substance to offer an online gambler to become one of the biggest software providers for online casinos. Their casino games are highly popular and growing, well respected and completely recommended by millions of online gamblers. One of their best features is their exclusive “Random Jackpot” slot games. These video slot games are a slot lovers dream come true, they are not as hard to win on as the normal “progressive jackpots” were you have to hit a certain combination of slot symbols at maximum bet to win the jackpot, these random jackpots can be won by anyone at anytime! Players can wager as little as 1 penny per line bet and still win a random jackpot, you don’t even have to have a winning spin to hit a random jackpot! I have seen many online gamblers talking at gambling forums about their big random jackpot hit and couldn’t believe they won when they didn’t even hit a winning spin. That is why these video slot machines are so popular and exciting to play, each and every spin is a potential jackpot hit. Now the jackpots usually range from $1000 to $20,000 and are hit almost every single day, not like the progressive jackpots found at other online casino brands where the jackpots are much higher, usually in the hundreds of thousands to millions but are hit much less, usually once every few months.

 Besides the random jackpots slots, they also offer classic slot games and bonus round video slots all ranging in coin size from 1 penny to $5 per line bet. Table game and video poker games are still available, and even though there are more offered than in the beginning, there is still a lack of variety compared to the bigger brand of online casino software brands. However, if slots are your favorite casino games, the RTG casinos are your best bet for winning and excitement.

 Published on 11/08/2011

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