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Slot machines and the bonus rounds

 Slots have become one of the most games played at casinos due to the fact that they are very simple to play. All you would have to do is place a coin, spin the wheel and check out your combination on the payout table whether it is a win or lose. There are several slot machines and they come with all sorts of variants but they are all based on the same concept of how to play the game.

 Bonus slot variations offer a lot of rewards to all its players but this does not mean that they are better than compared to the rest of the slots machines. All players should note that all slots make use of the RNG (Random Number Generator) that governs the payout rate of each slot machine. All slot machines have got the same payout rate thus making it fair for anyone to select any slot game of his or her interest.

 Regular vs. Bonus Slots: When selecting a slot game there are a few things you would have to consider. First would be the type of slot game. There are several slot games available and some do not have bonus games but you will find that the normal lines pay higher than compared to the slot machines which have bonus rounds and the lines pay low. But with the bonus round slots players are able to win in the bonus stages although the lines are paid out low players have a greater chances of winning these lower amounts at which it will accumulate to a larger amount depending to how one is playing the slot machine.

 The line payout should not be very important but one rule which is important is that less is more. Games with 1 bonus feature are better than compared to slots which have got 2 or more bonus feature due to the fact that they tend to confuse players rather than sticking on one thing or concept. A slot machine with more bonus features would mean that you need to spin several times so as to obtain these features.

Types of Bonus Games: Free Spins - This is when a slot machine awards a player with a certain number of free credits after a player as activated the free spins or has got a combination which includes the scatter symbol that automatically activates the free spins. The free spin credits are automatically added to your balance and players are also able to cash it out.

 Wild features - This can be a bonus that a player would have to activate so as to obtain more cash, For example, a player would have to select a certain feature that will expose what hidden underneath.

 Picks - This is almost like a lucky cash bonus feature that is awarded to player to get a winning cash prize. Players would simply have to select a pick from any of the features shown and you would have to be lucky to select a pick that offers a great cash prize. Some picks will offer players with free spins etc.

 Published on 06/09/2010

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