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Sports betting options increase with NBA, World Series

Sports betting options increase with NBA, World Series With the NBA and the World Series coming, we have finally reached the culmination of the sports betting season, but will the new sports available for betting help the sportsbooks come out of the hole dug by the NFL games? The end of October and the beginning of November marks the start of the busiest time of the year for both the sports betting websites and the bettors world wide. The NBA and the World Series are here to compliment the ongoing NFL season, The Breeders' Cup will attract the millions of otherwise dormant horse racing bettors and in Europe the local soccer championships are under way, along with the UEFA tournaments. No matter the sport of choice for wagering, in about 10 day one will have the largest array of sports betting options available.

 As one can imagine, this is welcome news for the sportsbooks and bookmakers world wide, but this year the cross point of all the major sports is the chance for the sports betting websites to come out of the hole, after the NFL season went towards the bettors in a big way. Usually the underdogs of the NFL will have a swat or two against better teams to balance things out for the sportsbooks, but this year the NFL betting has become so predictable that even publications outside of the gambling industry have began taking notice of the sportsbooks' suffering. With the NFL season currently in full force, quite a few franchises have become big underdogs and fail to deliver upsets against more prominent opponents. This has filled the pockets of many football bettors this year and due to the insane odds the odds makers have to publish, the NFL betting has moved completely to the point spread and it's almost non-existent on the money line.

 And as it always goes, the suffering of the business in the short term is beneficial to the consumer, in this case the bettors. With the new sports joining the betting sheets in a few days, expect the sports betting sites to start coming out with new bonuses and various other promotions to try and steal some of the wagers away from the NFL and towards to more unpredictable fixtures. World Series is bound to be the big deal this fall-winter season with wagers expected to surpass last year's by as much as three times, the NBA season is always good for the middle of the weekend horse racing betting is becoming more and more popular outside the hard-core fans of this sport. Top online sportsbooks such as Bookmaker and Bodog Sports are likely to offer some really major promotions in the upcoming days. Of course, we will keep an eye on the industry and bring you the latest offerings from these big companies. Visit our sports betting page for more information on the best online sportsbooks or to brush up on your betting skills before the wagering bonanza is in full force.

 Published on 10/28/2009

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