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Fastest paying sportsbook: Sports betting sites and sportsbooks pay fast

 One of the biggest concerns for online bettors is the fast pay of their winnings and here you will find out which sports betting websites and sportsbooks are the fastest payout processors. It was not long ago when the online sportsbooks will pay out the winnings of its customers within 24 hours, especially when Neteller was available to U.S. players. But with the ever increasing fees and legal issues surrounding the payment processors for sports betting sites, it's hard to find a fast paying sportsbook. But don't be discouraged, we have found some pretty rapid payouts from a few of the leaders among the sports betting sites. Keep in mind that when we did our research on which sportsbook pays the fastest, we looked at betting websites that allowed players from all over the world, including USA. Here are the fastest paying sportsbooks today:

 Diamond Sportsbook (DSI)- the fastest paying sportsbook on the internet. Actually, to be fair, the Diamond Sportsbook is on par with the other sportsbook below, but we placed Diamond Sportsbook atop of our list due to the large number of bets available, as well as the esthetics of their sports betting website. But Diamond (also known as DSI) is indeed the fastest paying sportsbook and also allows players from all over the world, without restrictions. While searching the forums and the betting blogs, the average speed with which Diamond Sportsbook processes and sends payouts to its customers is three days! Some have even reported faster payouts, although it's rare and it's mostly the close proximity to their accounting offices that would make such a difference. But at 99% of the cases we have reviewed, if you request a withdrawal of your winnings on Monday, you will get your payment by the end of the week; yes, they are that fast! Diamond Sportsbook also offers a vast selection of betting markets and generous bonuses, which makes this sports betting site a great place overall, not only for the fastest paying of your winnings.

 Bookmaker: tied for the fastest paying sportsbook with DSI. Bookmaker is owned by the same betting firm as Diamond and although their are under different management, it makes no difference when it comes to fast pay of your withdrawals. Bookmaker also welcomes customers from all over the world without restriction, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the fastest pay available. Usually the pay of the withdrawals is sent by mail, especially if you live in the U.S., but just like Diamond Sportsbook, most payouts arrive on average 3-4 days after the request. Although not having a strict policy, keep in mind that sometimes Bookmaker may charge you a few bucks for opting out for the fastest paying method, i.e. courier check, or you can go for free with the regular mail. A great choice if you are looking to join the fastest paying online sportsbooks.

 And here you have them, folks, the fastest paying online sportsbooks and betting websites. We understand that the list is small, but when we talk about the best this is as good as it gets. Of course, there are more good online sportsbooks, where you will find plenty of betting odds, good bonuses and deals, as well as exceptional customer service, but the payout from those sportsbooks could take as long as two weeks and in some cases longer. So if the fast pay of your winnings is the most important feature you look for in a sportsbook, those listed above are the top choice.

 Published on 04/19/2009

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