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US Online Casinos: Who is still in the game?

 Are there any U.S. online casinos left or do most of them now ban U.S. players from their virtual gambling lobby? Of course there are plenty of U.S. online casinos left (that is casinos which allow Americans to gamble, not casinos operated in the United States), but at the same time, there are plenty of U.S. online casinos which are out for the quick buck and to take advantage of the current situation created by (as usual) sort-sighted lawmakers. When the law prohibiting banks and financial institutions from processing payments to and from online gambling websites (a.k.a. UIGEA) was passed two years ago a handful of lawmakers though it would be enough to wipe out a multi-billion dollar industry, but loaded the banks with such an enormous set of responsibilities that currently there is a new bill being pushed forward by Rep. Barney Frank to strike the UIGEA off the books.

 Many online casinos (mostly those listed on stock exchanges throughout the world), ceased doing business with U.S. customers, but it took a very short time for the room they left to be filled with new players. Regrettably, most of them were out for the quick grab-and-run, leaving U.S. players with a very bad taste of online gambling. So who is still in the game and allows U.S. customers? We have done an extensive research on all of the well-known online gambling forums and have found a few U.S. online casinos, while weeding out those with legitimate complaints against. Trust me, you don't want to play at an online casinos people are complaining about.

 So what's left of the U.S. online casinos? As a start, there is an online casino whose name says it all - the Las Vegas USA Casino (official website). According to their website, the casino still allows US players to sign up and play (otherwise the name would be pretty silly), although the biggest fret - the lack of depositing methods. Although this U.S. online casino is one of the leaders in customer satisfaction, it could be irritating to find a way to deposit. The casino management has ensured their U.S. customers that workarounds would come soon. Another choice for US online casinos is the Golden Casino (official website), also based on the RTG platform and currently barring no players from gambling. The depositing methods seem to work smoother than the Las Vegas USA Casino, although the website could use a bit of retouching.

 Of course, you can never go wrong with the BodogLife Casino (official website). BodogLife has been the leader in online gambling entertainment for years and the best thing people find about it is how easy it is to deposit at this U.S. online casino. For whatever reason BodogLife remains the most reliable online gambling website, offering an array of services, which include sportsbook, racebook and poker room, along with the fully-developed casino. Many folks on the forums agree, this is one of the best U.S. online casinos around.

 Published on 05/05/2008

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