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A few things to consider when playing at the online casinos

A few things to keep in mind when you decide to do gamble at the online casinos.

Some Basic Bingo Tips Virtual Chips, Real Money

In B&M casinos chips are used instead of money but at least there is an actual (physical) transaction taking place before play begins. Should these chips be lost, then the process begins again and serves as a reminder to the player of what is happening to the bank roll. On the internet, however, in order to replenish the stocks we simply make a few mouse clicks and continue where we left off. In virtual casinos it is significant that we don't actually handle the chips and are therefore not being constantly reminded of their very real part of our real environment. The downgrading of the cyber chips to two-dimensional status in turn serves to downgrade their importance to the player, who becomes used to interpreting this representation on the computer screen more as points than hard earned money.

Don't Drink and Gamble

B&M casinos are notorious for tempting their customers into drinking alcohol while they play, bringing drinks straight to the table and even giving them away on the house (how generous). Of course any serious player should refuse the temptation, while online gamblers are even better placed to avoid handicapping there play. Nevertheless it is not unusual to see the chat boxes in online poker rooms, for example, feature comments from players that they are drunk and, while this can be a crafty way to fool the opposition, it is also quite true. Once again one of the key attractions to online gambling is that we can totally relax in our own environment in a way that is hardly possible in a B&M casino. Indeed drinking and gambling are often grouped together by the uninitiated as tandem vices and the 'leisure' online gambler might well partake, but don't be surprised to see this combination prove damaging to the long-term health of the bank roll. Note that while some games require little or no analysis, concentration or even thought, it is still possible to go seriously wrong when making decisions regarding bet sizes and so on, while a couple of key strokes or unintended clicks of the mouse can easily lead to a $1 bet turning into $111... You've been warned.


If you feel tired (or unwell) - don't play. Again this is glaringly obvious, but you'll see what I mean...


Published on 07/19/2007

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