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Best NFL betting websites this season

Best NFL betting websites this season NFL fans have been waiting all summer for this moment – the start of the football season. Meanwhile many bettors will be once again faced with a decision – which betting site and sportsbooks they should choose to place their NFL bets at this year. If you have kept up with the sports betting industry you already know that a couple of offshore sportsbooks don't exist any longer (one shut down, another merged with larger partner). But as always our advice on the best NFL betting websites (and sports betting websites in general) is timeless The sportsbooks and betting sites we have been recommending for many years are stronger than ever. But even among the top sportsbooks there are some which are best NFL sites and today we will take a look at which are the very best NFL betting websites for this football season and where to bet on the NFL games.

 Bovada – (bonus – 50% for new customers) we have ranked Bovada as the best choice for the NFL season for many reasons, but let's look at the main ones. With being in business for over 17 years, this betting website has proven over and over again that is one of the most solid and reputable sportsbooks for NFL betting. Always paying their customers, easy ways to deposit, plenty of NFL odds, props, lines, etc. - it's the complete package. Bovada has no problem with large NFL bets, while some other sportsbooks may limit a large winning player or a sharp, but at Bovada – you are all welcome. The NFL lines come a bit slow sometimes, but overall the weekend football games, for example, will all have odds posted by Tuesday night. This betting site also posts a lot of NFL props, both game and player related, as well as some weird football bets, just to keep things interesting. You probably won't break the bank betting those weird NFL bets, but it's a fun diversion nonetheless. The welcome bonus (i.e. for first time customers) is 50% of your first deposit, which is rather large for a sportsbook, so there is another plus for choosing Bovada for the NFL season. The betting website also sends a lot of ongoing bonuses to existing bettors, so you should have plenty of chances to increase your NFL bankroll throughout the football season, just keep an eye on the emails from Bovada. Overall a solid choice for NFL betting and you can be sure that this sportsbook won't go belly up at the end of the NFL season.

 Bookmaker - (15% bonus for new players) Another famous name in the offshore sportsbook business, Bookmaker is considered to be the most financially stable offshore betting website and this should give plenty of confidence to those looking to bet on the NFL games this season. This betting website is accommodating for both the recreational bettor and for those looking to place large wagers on the football games alike. The NFL odds are among the best and are posted early in the week, well in advance of the NFL games. The withdrawals are very fast – sometimes within a day, which is important to many bettors. The negative here is that the fees the sportsbook charges for withdrawals are larger than average. One can negate this by using their reward program, which gives players points for the wagers they place, which in turn can be used for free withdrawals. The welcome bonus is small, as a percentage, but it's up to $2,500, so one can get a large chunk of free bets to hold you over the football season.

 We believe that these two are the best NFL betting sites this year. Of course, you can see more great sports betting websites, but if you want the very best, the two we talked about are at the top. We should also caution players that slow withdrawals are common at the end of the NFL season with all sportsbooks and betting websites. A lot of people are looking to cash in their winnings, since the majority of the bettors will keep their bankroll for the whole season, thus resulting in some slowdown with the sportsbooks' processing timeframes. This is also one of the main reasons one should look for a financially solid and sound betting site for the NFL season.

 Published on 08/07/2013

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