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NFL Betting: Top 10 football bets for Week 11

 Today the NFL Week 11 games begin and now is the best time to take a look at the top 10 wagers placed by the bettors on this week's football games. For reference we use the most popular bets at the online sportsbook Bookmaker, which was nice enough to tell us which were the top 10 bets on the football games in Week 11 so far. Visit the bookmaker for the latest NFL odds or to place bets on the football games.

 Starting with the most bet on game this week - the match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts-Ravens game is currently the most popular NFL Week 11 bet among the customers of the sportsbook and the majority of the bettors are taking the Colts to cover the spread this week. Pittsburgh @ Kansas City is the second most bet on football game today and most of the bets are going to the Steelers to cover the spread, not a surprise considering the odds on the Steelers to win are at the whopping -600. The Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions comes third on the top 10 NFL bets for Week 11 and the Lions fans would be glad to know that most of the wagers are siding with Detroit this time around. The odds on Detroit to win today are -170 and the Lions are -3 spread favorite. At No.4 is the New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game and most of the bettors are taking the Saints to continue their perfect record this NFL season after the Week 11 games. The fifth most popular bet involves the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are -11 against the spread this week, but most of the wagers doubt the Boys will cover and go for the Redskins.

 At No. 6 is the Falcons - Giants game, the NY Giants are -350 to win the game outright and the point spread favors them at -7, the customers of Bookmaker are betting heavily against the Falcons, taking the Giants to cover the 7 point spread today. Seattle @ Minnesota is the next NFL Week 11 game and the majority of the bets are going to the Vikings to cover the -10.5 point spread in front of home crowd. The 8th most bet on NFL game today is the Jets vs. Patriots, most of the bets naturally going towards the Pats covering the current -10.5 point spread. At No.9 is the San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers football game, where the Packers hold odds of -260 to win and have -6 point spread with the customers of the sportsbook taking it big time. And finally, the Bengals and the Raiders, Cincinnati sitting on -9 point spread and that's where most of the bets on this game go.

 Published on 11/22/2009

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