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Super Bowl Point Spread: Latest 2012 Super Bowl spread

Super Bowl Point Spread: Latest 2012 Super Bowl spread Only a few days away from the kickoff of the 2012 Super Bowl game and here you will find the latest point spread on the Giants Patriots game. Thos of you who have been following us have had the benefit of keeping up with the 2012 Super Bowl point spread since the very day the two teams were decided and true to our purpose, we continue to bring you the latest spread on the upcoming Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl game.

 Today we will take our reporting on the Super Bowl a bit further and bring you not only the Super Bowl point spread at the online odds makers, but the Vegas sportsbooks, as well. Starting with one of the most popular online sportsbooks - Bovada (formerly Bodog Sports), we find that the 2012 Super Bowl point spread has changed none, despite the wagers that have been coming in all week long. At this bookie the Giants Patriots spread is currently at only -3 points chalk the Patriots and the NY Giants are still underdog, in need to cover +3 spread for the bettors. The payout on the point spread, however, has changed - the New England Patriots are now paying only -105 if they cover the -3 point spread, while the Giants would pay on -115, a clear indication that more bettors are wagering on the Giants to be able to cover the spread and that the spread itself would likely change very soon.

 Speaking of the Super Bowl point spread changing a bit in favor of the Giants, another famous sportsbook, 5 Dimes, known for its low juice bets, has already posted a bit different number. For the Giants Patriots point spread, at 5 Dimes the Patriots are still favorite to cover the spread, but at only -2.5 points and the Giants hold a Super Bowl spread of +2.5 points. What's interesting here is that in return for the lower 2012 Super Bowl point spread at 5 Dimes, bettors are treated to better payouts. If the Patriots manage to cover the -2.5 point spread the payout would be calculated on -120 odds, but if your bet is with the Giants - the payout is at +100, i.e. double your money. At this point we don't see enough indicators to the point spread moving in either direction of 2.5 points, but if wagering increases in most one way (Giants or Patriots), naturally a new point spread will be posted by the sportsbooks.

 And finally, let's look at the latest Super Bowl point spread posted by the Las Vegas sportsbooks. Here the bookies are completely in unison about the Giants Patriots spread - all Vegas sportsbooks have the Pats favorite with -3 points against the spread, except MGM Mirage, who are now down to just -2.5 point spread chalk the Patriots. Stay with us this week as we continue to monitor the latest 2012 Super Bowl point spread, as well as our upcoming look into the Giants Patriots betting odds and prop bets.

 Published on 02/01/2012

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