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Summer Olympics 2012: Basketball betting odds to win

Summer Olympics 2012: Basketball betting odds to win After Kobe Bryant's remarks, no need to explain why the basketball gold medal is a must for the USA and why a lot of viewers will follow this competition in the 2012 Summer Olympics. As always, we turn to the people with the best abilities to predict the outcome of sporting events - the odds makers. Checking in with the famous sportsbook Bovada, we find the odds on winning the basketball gold medal in the 2012 Olympic games favor USA in both the men and women competitions. The sportsbook has posted the following betting odds on the men's basketball Olympics tournament:


USA 1/10
Spain 5/1
France 25/1
Argentina 28/1
Russia 30/1
Brazil 40/1
Lithuania 40/1
Australia 150/1
Great Britain 250/1
China 500/1
Nigeria 500/1
Tunisia 1000/1

 At 1/10 odds to win the basketball (men) on the USA team, it's pretty much guaranteed, when you consider that the odds mean that the bettors must wager $10 to win just $1. These type of odds are usually avoided by experienced punters, as the risk to reward ratio is insanely high against the bettor. The odds are pretty much following the distribution of the medals from the last Summer Olympics, where USA won the gold, Spain finished second, followed by Argentina. France have shown real quality this time around, hence they managed to edge the Argentines slightly on the betting odds table to win the basketball gold medal outright.

 But if you think the men's basketball odds are favoring USA enormously, take a look at the odds on countries to win the women's basketball gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics:

USA 1/12
Australia 7/1
Russia 9/1
France 25/1
Czech Rep 66/1
Turkey 80/1
Brazil 200/1
China 200/1
Canada 250/1
Croatia 250/1
Great Britain 500/1
Angola 1000/1

 At 1/12 odds on USA, the rest of the countries are standing no chance of winning the gold this year. The odds are similar in favor of the USA basketball teams to bring home a couple of gold medals at other online bookmakers, including 5Dimes and Intertops.

 Published on 07/27/2012

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