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Summer Olympics 2012: Odds on gold medals by country

Summer Olympics 2012: Odds on gold medals by country Today is the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics games in London, UK, and as always, we will begin our Olympic coverage with the odds on the gold medals. While not as popular for bettors world-wide, the Summer Olympics are still expected to generate quite the buzz in the online gambling community and the major sportsbooks are wasting no time to come up with entertaining odds, in addition to the betting odds on the actual games. We always like to begin the Olympic games coverage with the total amount of Gold Medals expected and the odds on each country to deliver those gold medals in 2012. For this, we turn to the popular online sportsbook Bovada (official website), where the odds on the Summer Olympics gold medals are already posted and even moving.

 This year, however, the odds makers have decided to add a little twist to the usual betting classics, making the gold medal odds an over/under type of wagering. For example, USA is still atop of the odds table to win the most gold medals in the 2012 Olympics, but the sportsbook has posted the gold medals expected to be won by USA at 38.5 and bettors must wager on whether the gold medals won by USA will be either Over or Under that amount. At this point, both "over" and "under" are paying on equal -115 odds, but as bettors make their wagers, those odds could certainly change. The over/under odds on China's gold medals is at 36.5, two less expected by the betting site as compared to USA, but bettors are questioning the amount of medals and the payout on "under" 36.5 gold medals has dropped to "even". The gold medals for Russia are sitting at 25.5 and again the odds are changing, with "under" paying out on the whopping -175 odds. Visit Bovada to see the full list of countries on this over/under gold medal betting sheet.

 And if you are wondering which country has the best odds to win the most Gold Medals, here are the odds on that. Odds to win most gold medals:

USA -175

China +140

Russia +2500

Great Britain +3300

 Published on 07/27/2012

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