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Sports betting: NFL bettors still testing the waters in preseason

Sports betting: NFL bettors still testing the waters in preseason As exiting as it is for many bettors to rejoin the NFL betting action with the preseason games, trends are clear that people are still testing the waters. Judging from the sports betting trends at the online sportsbook Bookmaker, the NFL preseason betting is not only small in volume but also quite minuscule in the size of the bets placed on the preseason NFL games. Taking a look at the current top 10 betting events at the popular offshore sportsbook, all are occupied currently by the MLB games. And even before the weekend only a couple of the NFL preseason games made in the top ten list of what people are most betting on.

 Clearly this is not an indication for the football betting on the upcoming regular NFL season. Betting on the football games have long brought the most volume to the sportsbooks of the rank of Bookmaker and Bodog Sports, but we are a bit surprised by the lack of interest in the preseason games this year. On the same token, the bets that are being placed on the preseason in general don't surpass the two digit mark. Either the sportsbooks customers are not interested in the preseason betting that much or everyone is tightening their purses for the real deal in September. Another betting trend unusual for this time of the year is the fact that more people are placing bets on who will win the Super Bowl at the future odds section of the sportsbook, rather than on the upcoming preseason football games. To check out more sports betting trends or join visit Bookmaker today and get a 20% bonus for the NFL and college football games this season.

 Published on 08/23/2009

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