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Football betting picking up ahead of NFL season

 Many weeks separate bettors from the start of the new NFL season, but football betting is already picking up across the online sportsbooks. The lack of really good sporting events has driven a large number of bettors to already start looking for good NFL odds to lock in, well ahead of the NFL season. Of course, the online sportsbooks are quick to satisfy betting demand on anything - NFL future odds are available at many offshore odds makers today. One of our most recommended offshore sportsbook, Bodog Sports, even has odds on the coin toss at the next Super Bowl game (it's -105 for tails and heads).

 Naturally not many bettors are flocking to bet on the coin toss, but the future NFL odds are drawing great interest across the board. At Bodog Sports the New England Patriots are once again the odds-on favorite NFL team to win the next Super Bowl with odds 4/1, which actually is great news for most of the people betting on the NFL games. Judging from last NFL season, even 16-0 don't guarantee anything, so those looking for great fat odds on the rest of the football franchises would not be left disappointed. Following the Patriots on the betting sheet come the Steelers with long shot 9/1 odds to repeat their victory. Any other NFL team is paying out on double digit odds, the Cowboy sitting at the top with 15/1. Feeling extra lucky this betting season? The Rams, Buccaneers and Lions all pay out underdog odds 100/1.

 Even though football betting is already picking up ahead of the regular season, no on is expecting really big betting numbers until the preseason games, when bored bettors will grasp the games in full force. But there is really no better time for the future NFL odds and betting on them than now. Locking in 9/1 on the Steelers or 15/1 on the Cowboys promises a great payout at the end but with the football season coming closer, those odds are bound to shrink dramatically.

 Published on 07/20/2009

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