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How to win at the online casinos: Tips for winning at the internet casino

How to win at the online casinos: Tips for winning at the internet casino For anyone who has ever gambled at the online casinos, a question that has always popped in their heads is "How to win at the online casino?". No surprise that everyone would be looking for a loophole or something the internet casinos have not thought about when designing the games, something that would give the player an edge over the casino. Unfortunately, there is no single answer, you will not find a loophole and even if there was one - who in their right mind would share it with others?

 But there are certain tips you can follow to greatly improve your chances of winning in the online casino. No matter which internet casino you decide to play at, these tips will help you maximize your odds of winning and extend your bankroll to help you with this task. Naturally, people win when gambling at the online casinos, otherwise this industry would've been long gone. But all the winning is based on two factors: luck and preparation. Some people can deposit at the internet casino, pick a slot at random and make a pile of money. That's just pure luck and if you are one of those people - you don't need a guide to how to win at the online casino, you are already doing just fine. But for the majority of people around the world, following the basic tips we have outlined below should help you immensely, as compared to just opening an account and start gambling.

#1. The right online casino - I know we have talk about this before, but this part is so important, I feel we must include it as often as we could. There is no bigger mistake you can make in online gambling than picking the wrong casino. And by "wrong" we don't just mean a rogue gambling websites, there are plenty of online casinos that would pay your winnings, but that is if you get to have any winnings. Just like some brick and mortar casinos are known for having "tight slots", for example, some web-based casinos are notorious for losing money. See our list of best online casinos and select one of the many good options. But don't expect to win a million dollar jackpot with the first spin - that's only done by the lucky people we already talked about. Those casinos listed on our recommended list are just good online casinos, where people win quite often, just like you would expect.

#2. The right casino games - Now that you have chosen the right online casino, it's time to take this a step further and select the casino games. If you just want to have a good time and winning comes as a distant second - play whichever game appeals most to you. But if you want to improve your chances of winning at the online casino, some game are certainly better than others. You likely already know the usual suspects - blackjack, video poker, etc. all casino games with good odds for the gambler. And while the old rule of the house always having the advantage is generally true - there are casino games that have negative odds for the casinos, namely certain video slots. This is not universally true, but some online casinos will have promotional slots which have payouts exceeding 100%, in other words, the casino is expected to lose money with those slots in the long term. Those are few and far between, but if you come across one of them - what better way to win at the casino than playing a game that has the odds stacked in your favor?

 These type of slots were first pioneered by the Microgaming casinos (which unfortunately do not accept customers from USA, Turkey and some casinos - France), but more and more gaming software developers offer these as an option. One may ask oneself, why would the online casinos offer games that pay out more than they take? It's all a marketing tactic, much like one can see deeply discounted items at some stores, often referred to as "loss leaders". They are used to bring customers to the store (in this case, the online casino) and if the internet casinos offering such game - it will be heavily advertised on their website. So keep an eye for those type of video slots and take advantage when available.

 Another form of game that can help you win at the online casinos is the progressive jackpot game, best being the slots with progressive jackpots. Every good online casino will offer a few slot machines with progressive jackpots, often reaching well over a million. These slots are cheap to play and in return offer the opportunity for the player to become an instant millionaire, while risking a very small amount. Avoid progressive jackpots on games which are inherently bad for the player, for example Caribbean Stud or Pai Gow Poker and stick to vie slots.

#3. The bonus advantage - This is by far the best road to take to win at the online casino. Every internet casino website will offer a sign up bonus, a percentage of your first deposit in chips given to you absolutely free by the casino. This offer is for new customers only, but the casinos also offer bonuses for existing players, so make sure you keep up to date with the promotions of your favorite gambling site. What's so good about the bonus and how can it help you win? Simple, it's free money you get on top of your deposit, making you instantly a winner already.  In most casinos you can double your money by simply taking advantage of the bonus, while others, such as Las Vegas USA, for example, offer a 125% bonus, more than double the money.

 Naturally, there are restrictions put in place, so don't blindly assume that you can simply deposit and then withdraw right away, taking the bonus home. There is something called "play through" requirement, which means that the player must wager the bonus and deposit a few times before they can withdraw their money. In addition, some games do not count towards that requirement, for example roulette, since people could simply bet on both red and black until they meet the wagering requirement. But you can play the slots and most importantly - you can play the progressive jackpots. Having twice (or more) your bankroll means doubling your chances of winning at the internet casinos, simple as that.

#4. Discipline and money management - And finally - don't forget to exercise discipline and money management when gambling, whether online or offline. Learn when to stop, both when winning and when losing. Set a budget and do not break it. One of the biggest mistakes people make when gambling is chasing losses. While that could work sometimes, it's bad practice in general. Have fun gambling and stick to your budget.

 Published on 10/09/2012

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