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New online casinos offering big casino bonus to new players

New online casinos offering big casino bonus to new players These days it's not very hard for the online casinos to compete with each other, yet the bonus offers are every increasing. Compared to the online gambling market from a few years ago, when big gambling software developers the likes of Microgaming and PlayTech were dominating the industry, today an online casino can easily compete by offering great customer service and at the same time accepts US players. If the online casinos manage to deliver on those to fronts, it's not too hard to compete in the online gambling world. Since many good online casinos decided to leave the USA internet casino market, the void left behind them was so big - it didn't take much to quickly gain visibility and popularity.

 And even though a lot of new online casinos have opened their doors in the past couple of years, the online casinos allowing U.S. players today represent just a fraction of the thousands of casinos which were operating in the United States just five years ago. The lack of fierce competition usually leads to deteriorating product and lousy service, but there are still quite a few online casinos willing to go all out. For example, the Go Casino, a fairly new online casino powered by the Vegas Tech gambling software, which currently boosts a $20,000 bonus offer for new players. The casino is offering up to $1,000 on twenty consecutive deposits customers new to the gambling site make. This new online casino is great - over 100 casino games, good customer service, plenty of depositing and withdrawal options, yet the management of the online casino is set on beating the current industry leaders, such as Golden Casino and Bodog Casino.

 And considering that the service offered at Go Casino is on par with their major competitors, it's only natural for the casino to try their best and beat the bonus offers by a long mile. Needless to say, this new online casino has delivered. Go Casino has quickly become a major internet gambling destination and having the opportunity to double your deposits 20 times in a row is one of the major factor contributing to its success.

 Another case in point is the Online Vegas casino. This is another Vegas Tech online casino established within the last 2 years and although the bonus is far from the one offered at Go Casino, it's still nothing to shrug off. The Online Vegas is offering up to $8,300. Split in to 10 consecutive bonuses for new players, here you can get as much as 200% on your last deposit. Another great example of how the online casinos continue to compete on very high level, even though the competition between the gambling websites is far from the god-eat-dog world we observed five years ago. This is also great news for players, both new to online gambling and those who have played at the online casinos since their creation in the late 1990s. When the casinos compete, the only real winner is the player and as the enormous bonus offers above demonstrate, the players are winning big time.

 Published on 08/04/2009

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