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Online casino slots tournaments big casino gambling hit

Online casino slots tournaments big casino gambling hit The online casinos have always used the casino games as the main feature of their gambling websites. All players who decide to gamble online do so in order to play the familiar casino games such as blackjack, video poker or play the hundreds of slot machines available at the online casino. Bonuses and other incentives have in the past worked very well to attract the players from the land based casinos to the internet casinos and the free money offered by the online casinos are likely to continue adding to the player base at the online gambling companies. But recently a new trend has swept the internet gambling community - the slots tournaments being held at a few online casinos.

 The poker player is generally quite familiar with the notion of the poker tournament, it's one of the most popular feature of the poker site and recent TV popularity has turned the poker tournament from a friendly competition to a televised sport. But for the longest time the online casinos had nothing to respond with - you simply visited an online casino to play the games we are all so familiar with. But thanks to a group of online casinos, now those gambling websites have a strong contender to the poker rooms. Get familiar with the slots tournaments!

 The leader of this new form of casino entertainment is, not surprisingly, the Golden Casino (official website), which for years has been ranked among our top recommended online casinos; you can see the full list by following the online casinos link at the top of this article. The Golden Casino was offering great service and an array of casino games ever since it was established, but the addition of the slots tournaments did wonders in increasing its popularity among the players. And how wouldn't it - during the month of July alone $315,000 in slots tournament prizes were given away by this online casino. What really did the trick with this online casino was the introduction of the free entry tournaments - now gamblers could join one of the many ongoing matches without spending a dime, yet win real money in the thousands. Who could say no to this kind of game? Really fun to participate in and this month's top tournament brought a prize pool of $144,444 alone.

 Considering the large amounts of money that could be won at the online casino by joining on of the free or buy-in tournaments and the fact that the slots are still the most popular game at the casinos world-wide, there is no surprise that the idea quickly took off. Go Casino (official website) is another great online casino website offering the slots tournaments so popular today. What makes this casino different is the gigantic bonus for new players - up to $20,000 free over the player's first twenty deposits. Choose any of these two online casinos and join one of the hundreds of slots tournaments held every month. Once you do - you'll quickly realize how fun those could be.

 Published on 07/30/2009

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