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Mike Tyson pleads guilty to DUI and drug charges

On Monday former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and drug possession charges.

Mike Tyson pleads guilty to DUI and drug charges On Monday the former boxing legend Mike Tyson pleaded guilty in front of a judge in Arizona to driving under the influence and cocaine possession charges stemming from an arrest last year, after a traffic stop in Mesa, Arizona. Mike Tyson was pulled over after leaving the Scottsdale's Pussycat Lounge and according to the police, he wiped a white substance from the dashboard of his BMW. This action and his impaired speech prompted a search which uncovered cocaine on Tyson and in his car.

 Mike Tyson admitted to the judge on Monday that he was indeed impaired at that time and had cocaine. Tyson is facing up to six months on the DUI charge and more than three years on the cocaine possession charge. Mike Tyson's sentencing has been scheduled for November 19th. According to Tyson's lawyer, the boxer has been clean for eight months since he checked himself into an in-patient treatment program for what his lawyer called "various addictions" after his arrest.

 Published on 09/24/2007

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