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Ron Paul Girl: Stripping for the presidential candidate

The video of the "Ron Paul Girl" stirring up the Internet, strip-support for the GOP presidential candidate.

Ron Paul Girl: Stripping for the presidential candidate And yet another Ron Paul Girl. The Internet presidential candidate has a blonde fan willing to "strip" for his candidacy and her name is Liv. The pretty blonde strips down to show a pink tank-top with the words "Hope for America Ron Paul 2008" while calling for smaller government, more personal liberties, a peaceable solution to the war in Iraq and return to basic Constitutional values.

 On her blog Liv describes herself : "Hi everyone, I'm Liv. I'm a wannabe actress and aspiring filmmaker. This blog exists so that I can try to get my little videos seen, as well as to network with whoever might be on here who has similar interests. " Sure thing, the YouTube video of the Ron Paul girl has generated over 150,000 views in the past few days. Not bad for what she describes as her "first little foray into political activism." Ron Paul is currently listed with odds on winning the Republican nomination at 22/1 at Bodog Sports and 55/1 on becoming the next President of the United States.

Watch the video of the Ron Paul Girl:


 Published on 09/25/2007

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