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Cleveland Indians split bettors and bookies on odds to win 2007 MLB World Series

The bettors pick to win the 2007 MLB World Series are the Cleveland Indians, while the sportsbooks bank on the Boston Red Sox.

Cleveland Indians split bettors and bookies on odds to win 2007 MLB World Series Two days left to cast your vote by placing a bet on which of the teams will win the 2007 MLB World Series. The odds makers could be in for a treat or be left devastated, however, as when we took a look at the betting trends at the online sportsbook Bookmaker we found out that the Cleveland Indians are currently the most bet on team to win the World Series this year. The Indians are listed at the online bookie with odds +250 and are NOT the favorite posted by the sportsbook. The Boston Red Sox currently hold the best odds at +110, followed by the Cleveland Indians at +250, then come the Colorado Rockies with odds + 435 and the Arizona Diamondbacks are the betting underdog with odds +525 (all at

 But looking at the betting activities, fans are taking a stance against the bookmaker's odds and most of them are betting on the Indians. Second in placed bets come the Colorado Rockies and with odds to win the 2007 MLB World Series at +435 the sportsbook will have to pay out 450 for every 100 bet if Colorado wins. The Boston Red Sox come third among the bets placed on the winner of the World Series in 2007 and 7th overall in the top 10 betting events at Bookmaker. If this trend continues over the next couple of days, the 2007 MLB World Series will turn out to be a make or break for many bookmakers across the world.

 Published on 10/09/2007

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