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Penn State RB Austin Scott charged with rape

Austin Scott, running back for Penn State, has been charged with multiple felonies, including rape.

 The Penn State running back Austin Scott was charged on Friday with numerous felonies, including rape, sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault. According to repots, Austin Scott stands accused of raping a woman in his apartment, after he met her at a local bar on October 5th this year. The Penn State RB had a few drinks with the woman at a bar downtown then around 2:00am both headed to his on-campus apartment. Court papers indicate that Scott admitted the woman refused to have sex with him. She claims that she felt asleep on Scott's bed but was woken up by him trying to have sex with her. The woman ran out of the apartment and called the police. According to Austin Scott, the sex was consensual, but he also told the police "Girls will say that they do not want to have sex, but then they get to your room, things heated up and they change their mind."

 Penn State coach Joe Paterno suspended Scott the day after the incident. At that time the school's official statement for Austin Scott's suspension was that he violated team rules. According the team spokesman Jeff Nelson, Austin Scott is on the roster but remains suspended. Further comments were declined by Penn State, who will welcome Wisconsin on Saturday.

 Published on 10/12/2007

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