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Gas station ghost spotted at Marathon in Ohio

First of its kind ghost was caught on film at Marathon gas station in Parma, Ohio.

Gas station ghost spotted at Marathon in Ohio With the constantly rising gasoline prices, this piece of entertainment news gives a whole new meaning the the phrase "ghost town".  The picture on the left was taken at a gas station in Parma, Ohio, a small town just outside of Cleveland. The ghost was caught by the security cameras at the Marathon and allegedly "danced" around the filling pumps for over half an hour, before disappearing.

 Ghost hunters and curious locals have been flooding the gas station in hopes to see the blue ghost again, some claiming that the gas station could have been built on an ancient Indian burial grounds. But cool-heads warn that the image could just be one of an off-focus plastic bag flying in the wind. "I actually watched it for 30 minutes and then actually I watched it move and that is when I got freaked out," said the gas station owner, who is getting plenty of business thanks to the blue ghost. You can watch the video of the ghost (or plastic bag) below and make up your own mind.


 Published on 11/14/2007

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